Travel is broken. We plan and book it ourselves, but in doing so, we ruin it. Google, Yelp, and Kayak take all the mystery out of travel. We take our trips before we’ve even left the couch and spoil the most magical part: the sense of mystery and discovery. So the question was how do we make travel magical once again? Answer: Nextpedition — a mystery trip, custom-built around a traveller's passions and interests, and revealed to them day-by-day via a handheld Travel Console. Travelers won’t know where they’re going or what they’ll be doing. They’ll put their trust in American Express Travel to show them the way.

American Express Travel "Nextpedition" Case Study Video:

Nextpedition Website:
People were directed to where they were invited to take a travel personality quiz. This series of questions analyzed their travel interests and assigned them a travel profile, or travel sign. This sign defined what type of traveler they were, and would be the basis for their mystery destination.
Nextpedition Facebook Page:
After taking the quiz and receiving a travel sign, the results were shared on Facebook. This message was then linked back to the Nextpedition Facebook page where others were invited to take the 
Nextpedition Travel Dossier:
Once a customer had booked a Nextpedition, they received this package several days before embarking. It included their console and destination, revealing where they would be traveling.
Nextpedition Travel Console:
The travel console was the hub of the Nextpedition. It was an "always on" travel concierge that revealed the travelor's destination and mystery activities on a day by day basis.
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