I have been honored to receive multiple Best of Show honors in virtually all of the industry's most prestigious award shows, including winning the Grand Prix at Cannes in four separate categories, two One Show Best of Shows, three Grand Clios and Three Grand London International Advertising Awards.
In 2003 I was listed as the 6th most awarded art director by Boards Magazine, and in 2012, I was listed as one of the top ten most awarded creative directors in the world by Creativity Magazine.

In 2015, AdAge selected two of my campaigns to be part of the “Top Ad Campaigns of the 21st Century.” Burger King, Subservient Chicken and American Express, Small Business Saturday came in sixth and seventh on the list. Subservient Chicken was also named the One Show's “Digital Idea of the Decade.

In addition to being a featured speaker at industry functions around the world, I have also served as an awards show judge at Cannes, The One Show, D&AD, Clios and Communication Arts Magazine.

CANNES - (23 Lions)
2003 Grand Prix Film - Ikea, Lamp
2007 Grand Prix Titanium - BK, XBOX Games
2012 Grand Prix Direct - AMEX, Small Business Saturday
2012 Grand Prix Promo - AMEX, Small Business Saturday
2013 Effectiveness - AMEX, Small Business Saturday

ONE SHOW - (29 Pencils)
2003 Best of Show - MINI, Let’s Motor
2005 Best of Show - BK, Subservient Chicken (Interactive)
2011 Best of the Decade, #1 - BK, Subservient Chicken

D&AD - (10 Pencils)
2005 Yellow Pencil - BK, Subservient Chicken
2012 Yellow Pencil - AMEX, Small Business Saturday

CLIOS - (21 Clios)
2003 Grand Clio Film - IKEA, Lamp
2005 Grand Clio Integrated - BK, Subservient Chicken
2011 Grand Clio Content & Contact - Small Business Saturday

LIAA - (13 Winners)
2003 Grand LIAA Outdoor - MINI, Oversized Objects
2011 Grand LIAA New Category - AMEX, Small Biz Saturday
2012 Grand LIAA Integrated - AMEX, Small Biz Saturday

ANDY AWARDS - (14 Winners)

COMMUNICATION ARTS - (25 Appearances)

2011 Best of Show - AMEX, Small Business Saturday

2012 World's Best Idea - AMEX, Small Business Saturday
2012 Grand - AMEX, Small Business Saturday

2002 Campaign of the Year - MINI, Let's Motor
2004 Campaign of the Year - BK, Subservient Chicken

ADAGE Top Ad Campaigns of the 21st Century
Burger King, Subservient Chicken - #6
American Express, Small Business Saturday - #7

But perhaps what I am most proud of, is being the only two-time costume winner at CP+B's annual summer party. No small feat.
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