Partake in distilled dissent.
In 2012, Crispin Porter + Bogusky partnered in the development and launch of Angels Envy, a new Bourbon hitting the market. The agency had a stake in the product, and as a result, not only were we were involved with the brand development and marketing, but we designed packaging as well. Neil Riddell, our head of product innovation did an amazing job designing the bottle, and we launched the brand with a campaign that centered on the founder, Lincoln Henderson, who was a legendary Master Distiller in the industry. As it turns out, Lincoln was feeling rather rebellious in his later years, and bucked all the trends of traditional bourbon distilling, so he pioneered new practices that were quickly followed and adopted by other brands. To this day I still love walking through the grocery aisle and seeing this beautiful "angel-wing" like bottle completely stand out on the shelves.
We developed the following brand book to define the "Distilled Dissent" creative platform, bringing it to life and firmly cementing Angels Envy's position in the category.
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