See you tomorrow.
In 2012 we pitched and won the Applebee's account with the tagline "See you tomorrow." The casual dining chain had long been a neighborhood staple and rooted in communities across the country, so at the heart of this idea was a charming, presumptuous naiveté that we just naturally expected our patrons to return the next day. This was largely in part because it centered around good food and a friendly ambiance. So duh, why wouldn't they come back? We executed this by leaning into our chef's nerd-like obsession with their pursuit of creating the best dishes and new menu offerings. No detail was too small. But of course, this earnest, well-meaning intent would have fallen flat if we weren't self aware and didn't offer some self-deprecating humor. We did this by enlisting the help of Jason Sudeikis, formally of SNL fame to serve as our official voiceover and spokesperson. But he was more than a VO, he became a character who commented on what we were all collectively watching, as if in real time to take down our chef's obsession in hilarious fashion. His banter and wit provided the right recipe create an approachable tone that made this brand likable. Not entirely easy in the tough casual dining category.
Applebee's chefs aren't the only ones who can be obsessive about the food. These folks are gettin' down with the old "great taste under 550 calorie flash mob bit."
Applebee's Lunch Decoys.
Let's face it, the lunch hour is shrinking. Rather than getting away to refuel and clear one's head, often times people feel the pressure to get right back, or work through it. So we decided to help. We created the "Lunch Decoy," a customizable doppelgänger designed to fill in and fool even the most attentive, ruthless boss, so that they can get out of the office. We made a good old-fashioned informercial and sold them on Amazon, and people got into the spirit by sharing their Lunch Decoys in action on social media, while enjoying a well-deserved lunch out at Applebee's.

Applebee's Lunch Decoy Infomercial 2:00

Applebee's Lunch Decoy Case Study Video:

One of the great things about working with Jason Sudeikis, is we could make really funny corporate videos for them, such as this one for their big, annual franchise convention.
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