The perfect beer for whatever happens.
In 2014 Bud Light launched the new creative platform “The perfect beer for whatever happens.” It was actually designed to reframe people’s views on taste within the beer category. Imports and micro-brews largely win out when it comes to taste perceptions, but they are also relatively niche, both in terms of the consumer and occasion.

Bud Light on the other hand is a beer crafted to pair nicely with a wide range of occasions and taste preferences. Call us crazy, but wouldn’t that be a better definition of a great tasting beer? A beer you really can’t go wrong with? We thought so, and set out to position Bud Light as the perfect beer for, well, pretty much anything.

In addition, the millennial target is one that values experiences above all else. So we leaned heavily into the idea of being “Up for whatever” and made the notion of being “open-minded” and “up for spontaneous fun” the centerpiece of the effort. The objective was to encourage new experiences and link these back to Bud Light through this shared mindset.

So we set out to do this by launching with a series of real stunts and events that would encourage participation. We developed a tightly woven connected-experience utilizing all tools available, including social and digital content, packaging and of course TV. All of it stemming from these real efforts and working together to fuel the campaign.

Whatever USA Case Study - Check out more of the story in this USA Today article here

Real Life Pacman.
This is probably the most ambitious endeavor I've taken on, in terms of a singular project. The stage was the 2015 Super Bowl, and it was time to go big or go home. And going home wasn't an option.

Building on the "Up for Whatever" theme, we wanted to create an event that would capture a playful spirit, and truly reward someone for being up for spontaneous fun.

So we set out to create a life-size, fully-operational game of Pacman, set in downtown LA. This meant designing and building the game itself, complete with functional, intuitive scoring, a live performance of the re-mixed music track with sound effects, about five hundred hyped-up spectators, and one unsuspecting participant to be Pacman himself. 

Everything had to be choreographed perfectly... the cameras, the music, the sound effects, the lighting... All to be captured live. We had one chance at it, and none of us knew if our unsuspecting "mark" would actually play. 

Fortunately he did, and through the hard work of so many talented people at both the agency and production company MJZ, we pulled it off and made a pretty great Super Bowl spot that garnered a TON of press and attention.

"Real Life Pacman" Super Bowl Commercial:

"Real Life Pacman" Case Study Video:

CBS Insider, Behind the Scenes Clip:

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