Subservient Chicken.
When my brother once said that he would never get an autograph from anyone because he didn't like the idea of being subservient, that funny word stuck with me.

When Alex Bogusky asked us to think of ideas for the Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich under the banner "Have it Your Way" during the pitch in 2004, the idea of a "Subservient Chicken," or "Chicken, just the way you like it," came to mind. It first started as TV, but when my partner Bob Cianfrone, Jeff Benjamin and I were charged with extending it to digital, the website was born.

It was an honor to work on an idea that was awarded "Digital Idea of the Decade" by the One Show. And it was a whole lot of fun to work with such talented partners in the process.

BK Subservient Chicken Case Study Video:

BK Subservient Chicken TV Campaign:

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