Like a Pro.
In 2016, I was brought in to lead the GMC pitch for Publicis. GMC’s long-standing campaign “We are professional grade,” largely spoke to the quality of the vehicles, but the idea didn’t quite carry over to consumers. Furthermore, the client did not want to abandon their tagline, so it became readily evident the task at hand was to build on the idea of “professionalism,” but to do so in a manner that would humanize it and make it relevant to people as well. 

GMC’s target customer has a knack for doing things well, to the best of their ability and with the utmost care. Whether it is personal, professional, a hobby or a relationship, the GMC consumer takes pride in what they do. One might say they do things, “Like a Pro.” 

It was this commonality we keyed in on, the dual sense of professionalism that both GMC and the consumer shared. And “Like a Pro” became the distinct language and creative platform on which we could bring this to life. It was this idea that won the pitch. We successfully defended the business - a rarity in an industry where only 10% of agencies retain accounts after a competitive review.

The campaign, launched a few months later, includes the introductory anthem, “How Do You Want To Live.” It showcases those who reach higher in everything they do. On Father’s Day, GMC debuted “Dad Like A Pro.” The 60-second spot gives an inside look at a father and his son (many in my family found this spot reminiscent of my relationship with my own teenager, Austin). 

I really enjoyed working on this and bringing it home to a Detroit agency. Several other markets were pitching for this account, and it was great to see this struggling city hold onto the much needed business. I like to call this consulting gig: “Pitch Like a Pro”!

"How do you want to live?" :60 TV

"Dad Like a Pro" :60 TV

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