How do you KFC? Well, there really is no wrong answer. It only involves two things: eating chicken and pretty much anything else. 

With the brand loosing relevancy among millennials, we set out to tap into KFC's core fan base with a carefully crafted effort designed to elicit consumer participation through this simple idea. We kick-started the effort with brand-generated content, invited consumers to participate, and amplified the content they generated. 

We utilized TV, packaging, in-store, digital content, and all of the social platforms. We tapped into social influencers, athletes, and virtually anyone who had an audience to perpetuate the effort, all as part of this tightly coordinated ecosystem. The ambitious goal was to create a social movement largely fueled and owned by the people.

#HowDoYouKFC Case Study Video:

Below is a sampling of some of the content we created to kickstart and sustain the effort. Most of it was produced in-house and for shockingly less than you would imagine.
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