One taste and you're in love.
When Lay's needed to support their long standing tagline with a new TV spot, we decided to lean into that first magical moment we can all relate to... Swiping right on Tinder. 

Lay's "Tinder" :60 TV

Do us a flavor.
How do you excite millennials about a 75 year old potato chip company? Invite them to create your next great flavor. The initial promotion was created before my time, but for the second annual "Do us a flavor contest," we wanted to dial up the consumer participation. So we set out to create a connective experience utilizing social media and influencers to invite submissions, encourage sharing, and then amplified select user-generated content. Add a little PR to the mix and we ended up with 14.4 million flavors submitted, 17 million views on actual user-generated videos, 4.8 billion media impressions, and a 99 million dollar sales increase. And apparently people love the Wasabi Ginger flavor the most. Who knew?

Lay's "Do us a Flavor" Case Study Video:

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