Chief Creative Officer - Energy BBDO
SCJ has been known for demanding safe, conventional work, largely in the product demo space. But due to a new-found ambition to raise the level of the work, driven by the agency and in conjunction with new, emboldened client leadership, SCJ has begun to turn over a new creative leaf.

At Energy BBDO, we handled five SCJ Brands, and the efforts and creative success began with Ziplock and Raid, but soon spread to the others. It felt contagious, as Off!, Windex & Autan all caught the spirit as well, and we launched some pretty darn-good work built on new, substantive platforms because of it.
Life Needs Ziploc.
This creative platform is all about one thing: containing the chaos. Let's face it, life is hectic, and our stuff tends to get scattered and go everywhere. Ziploc wants to help put some order to that. Why? Well, because life needs it.
We built this cross-platform effort with a heavy dose of ongoing social content, earning a sterling click-through and engagement rate, and making it a poster child for Pinterest. In addition, we developed the "Little Beasts" webisode series which regularly draws seven-figure viewership on YouTube.
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Death Restaurants.
To penetrate New York, a city renowned for its food, Raid designed the world’s first roach-size restaurants. Inspired by famous New York eateries, four Death Restaurants were born: Fatal Burger, Adios Tacos, Sweet Death and Last Slice. The models were made with the same texture and scale of Raid baits, and were designed to fit over the actual bait. Raid launched the limited-edition baits like real restaurants with websites, menus, reviews and even fixed addresses. Retailers received the restaurants and became “franchisees” of this unique in-store opportunity.

Death Restaurants Case Study Video:

Raid Entomology Lab.
Raid has an R&D lab that is second to none in devising all sorts of effective ways to “deal” with insects. So we decided to highlight their deadly expertise and prowess by creating a series of low-cost online films to showcase this in unique and provocative ways.

Raid Entomology Lab TV and Online Content:

Take Back Your Home.
Our homes are often taken over by invading forces of pests and insects, and sometimes we just accept that as a fact of life. But that's just nonsense. Seriously folks. Plain-old nonsense. So we highlighted this is a series of humorous TV ads that portrayed the "Pegler bugs" as bad roommates. Bad roommates, who make themselves at home and really, really must go.

"Bad Roomates" TV Campaign:

Get Back Out There.
The truth is, sometimes we stay indoors because it's just not worth going outside to be eaten alive. But should we really ceed the outdoors to a bunch of bloodsucking mosquitoes? Some still say yes and continue to live their cave-dwelling, hibernating lives inside their homes.

Well, if there's one thing Off! does well, it keeps mosquitos, well, off. So we set out to make the brand stand for getting people back outside again. We encouraged people to "get back out there," and launched the "Off! Outdoor Refresher Course" to re-teach people how to do those everyday, outdoorsy things. Like how to breathe fresh air. Or how to take a relaxing stroll and watch the sun set.  

We then enlisted the help of Flint Haycock, the "Backyardsman" to travel across the country from backyard to backyard, to coax people back out and teach them the ways of not being indoors.

We captured his adventures in a series of films broadcast online. And the entire campaign was distributed on TV and utilized most forms of digital and social media.

Off! Outdoor Refresher Course TV Campaign:

"The Backyardsman" Online Content:

Windex: Don't Stand For Dirty.
I've got to give the folks at SC Johnson credit. As we set out to create the new platform for Windex, the client asked us to fully incorporate in their brand assets, the birds. And not merely as benign presence, but fully baked into the concept.

Well, after establishing the creative platform "Don't stand for dirty," it was hard to see how the birds could have a role in supporting this message. After all, don't birds fly into windows? Especially clear ones? Unfortunately they do. So we gave the birds, Jeff and Larry a mission. A mission to undermine Windex's efforts to clean glass. Their task? To somehow convince the world that dirty glass is better than clear glass. You know, so they will see it and won't fly into it.

This started a fierce battle between Windex and their very own brand asset, the birds. Jeff and Larry put their little birdbrains to work to think of ways to convince us that dirty glass is better than clear glass, even going as far as making and "selling" new products to defile it, and then Windex would retort. This war of words went back and forth over the airwaves, and had a digital and social presence as each party campaigned. And it continues on to this day showing no signs of being resolved anytime soon.

"Don't Stand For Dirty" TV Campaign:

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